What is The Vision Media?

The world has changed and now most communications revolves around technology.  The key to success is learning how to use it in an effective way.   At The Vision Media we help you do just that.

If you are a start-up business we can provide you with the equipment and know-how to thrive in whichever industry you chose.  We also focus on how to help teachers to be online and increase engagement.  We are currently conducting research to find out what works best. 

Our services include:

  • training and coaching for entrepreneurs

  • training and coaching for educators

  • Create videos to inform and inspire our clients to prosper in today’s new media environment

  • Provide the equipment for you to thrive online


 What is a Vision Kit?

Go Pro.jpg


If you're a digital beginner, then this is the kit for you. Includes a Our basic kit offers a Nikon D-3500 camera, tripod, and an SD card.



Photo Equipment


Those more familiar with media may enjoy the advanced kit, which provides you with an advanced camera, tripod, 3 SD cards, greenscreen, a microphone, an extra battery, and an LED light camera.



White Drone


For those who want that spectacular aerial shot, our drone kit offers an extra battery along with a replacement one. The kit comes with an SD card and a replacement blade.



At The Vision we understand that the nature of communication has changed drastically. We work with individuals, business and organizations to find digital communication solutions.